Aero Squad

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Aero Squad
University of the Witwatersrand
South Africa
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The overhead luggage elevation system allows the passenger to load hand luggage onto it whilst seated. Then the passenger activates a luggage elevation system that lowers itself to a safe height. Once at a suitable level, the passenger may place their luggage in the available space and then activate the retraction of the system.

Aero Squad

2017-01-31 16:33:01

Measuring the overhead bin cutaway at an air plane museum we recently visited. Cheers!

Fais Haikal

2017-01-31 16:48:59

Can i know what type of airplane you refer to?

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Aero Squad

2017-01-31 17:27:24

Hi! We were measuring a 747 as it was what was available to us, however, we will be visiting the airport to measure A320s, A350s, A380s etc.


2017-04-01 16:32:22

Hi! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a cabdeccdeakcbdab

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Aero Squad

2017-01-27 12:43:34

Measuring the overhead luggage compartments to understand practically the limits of our elevation mechanism. Every issue we may come across just means another interesting challenge to tackle. Team work is so important! Have a great day teams!

Aero Squad

2017-01-26 13:19:12

Last edit: 2017-01-26 15:19:12

Team meeting under a commercial airliner, what could be better? We are discussing our project plan and thinking of new ways to improve our concepts. Our idea simulates that of the motion of an elevation mechanism to lower and elevate one's luggage whilst seated. Totally want to get rid of the tedious embarking/disembarking processes and aisle congestion! Have a good day teams!

Aero Squad

2017-01-25 14:31:35

Hi everyone! We are team Aero Squad from Wits University South Africa. We are Aeronautical engineering students and so excited about the Airbus fly your ideas competition.Our idea is to improve the current luggage storage bins by allowing them to move up and down such that a passenger can load their bags whilst sitting in their seats. This will reduce aisle congestion and also improve turn around time. We've seen the posts so far by our fellow teams and we must say we are really impressed and excited about making new friends and reading the interesting ideas here! .... Cheers from South Africa


2017-02-06 18:47:08


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