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Write a brilliant report with Fly Your Ideas!

Feb 22, 2019

With one month to go until the Round 2 deadline on the 11th March, our teams are working hard to develop their ideas! Whether you’re working on your #flyyourideas project or a university assignment, keep reading for our simple tips to writing a great report.

Plan ahead

Read carefully the Round 2 student brief to understand what to discuss within your report. Planning is essential – before you begin to write, think about the structure of your report and map out a list of key points to cover. A clear and logical structure will serve as the framework for your answer, helping you to address the questions.

Be succinct

Write clearly and concisely to help convey a powerful message. A good piece of advice is ‘don’t use a long word where a short word will do.’ Write with a formal style, limiting ‘I’ or ‘we’. Avoid the passive voice: use strong, direct language.

Make it visual

Bring your idea to life with 1-5 visualisations! A detailed illustration, a photograph of an initial prototype, an infographic, a flow diagram or a simple hand drawn sketch are all impactful ways to demonstrate how your concept will look and work. Assessors should be able to understand the idea by looking at the visualisations.


Set the report aside for a day or two, then read it again.  Make sure to print it out on paper before you read it.   This will help you to catch any errors. You can miss a lot of errors if you only read it on the screen. Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation. Pay attention to whether the report is easy to follow and whether your points are clear. We recommend asking a native English speaker to proofread your work – your university communications team may be able to help.

Using sources

Reference any parts of your work taken from other sources and ensure those sources are reputable and authoritative. Referencing also avoids any potential issues that could arise concerning plagiarism. You may choose to go the extra mile by collecting your own unique research; conducting interviews with relevant people or even approaching airports or airlines to support with data collection.

Stick to the guidelines

Is your report in PDF format? Is it no longer than 2,000 words? Is it in English? Have you followed the brief and answered all the questions, including the challenge question?

We hope these tips were helpful – good luck to all our Round 2 teams and our Fly Your Ideas community from around the world who are also working on report-writing projects. Keep an eye on the social wall for the latest updates from our teams!

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