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What’s next for the Fly Your Ideas 2019 finalists?

Aug 28, 2019

The 2019 competition has drawn to a close, but the opportunities are endless and the sky is the limit! Keep reading to find out what the future has in store for the Fly Your Ideas finalists.

Bringing ideas to life with Airbus

Inspired by the days spent in Protospace, some teams are already working on the further development of their ideas. Winning team ‘Zero’ Heroes from TU Delft, the Netherlands, are already in the onset of collaborating with Airbus on their innovative batteryless wireless switch.

Returning to university with inspiration

The competition has inspired Daniel from Team AIQinspect, Saarland University, to pursue a PhD. ‘Fly Your Ideas showed me that there are so many more areas of interest I can still discover than I thought.’

Billy, Liam and Peter from Team Seren, the University of Cambridge, UK, will return to their undergraduate studies after the summer but promise to follow up on their project. ‘Fly Your Ideas really opened up all of our eyes to the world of engineering. As a trio of science students, it was our first real taste of that field and we think we’ll be coming back for more.’

Going global…

Team Move-ez from Politecnico di Milano, Italy, will soon be heading to exchange programmes in Canada, Spain and Russia. However, the team remain united by their common goal: ‘Make Everyone Fly!’

Nathan from Team AirFish is working on a research project at the University of Cambridge, UK. His teammates Martin and Falah are working as summer consultants in Indonesia, while Keiko is a summer consultant in Malawi, working for an NGO focused on business education for developing nations.

…or reuniting in Toulouse

Toulouse, the host city of the 2019 Live Final and home to Airbus’ headquarters, is a hub for aerospace innovation… and the perfect location for a Fly Your Ideas reunion! Pilar from Team VACA, the National University of La Plata, will be returning to Toulouse in August for her Master’s degree – and she could be joined by Kieran and Pia of Team Osprey from the University of Strathclyde, UK, who have applied for the Airbus Bizlab to further develop their Electrification idea.

This year’s finalists definitely have what it takes to follow in the footsteps of Team Retrolley from 2015, whose idea was further developed with the support of Airbus – or perhaps, like Luke Spiteri, they will return to Fly Your Ideas in the future as Airbus Mentors!

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