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Top Tips for Fly Your Ideas Success

Aug 31, 2018

Do you have what it takes to soar in the competition? The Fly Your Ideas adventure made a real impact on many of the students who previously took part in the competition. Some of our former participants have prepared some useful advice to inspire you ahead of the launch of Round 1 on 10 September.


Teamwork is a valuable skill that can be applied in almost all aspects of life. As Mattia Bucari of Team Flybrid (2013) tells us, ‘’Fly Your Ideas helps me to understand the importance, in a project, of considering all the different points of view coming from the different members of a team.’’ Recognise the value that diversity can bring to your team: every winning team since the competition began in 2008 has mixed gender, nationalities or disciplines.

Be confident

Judit Guimera Busquets of Team Bolleboos (2015) encourages participants to have confidence in their ideas and abilities. ‘’We are the ones setting up our own limits. It’s just a matter of believing more in ourselves.’’ Equally, Javier Vidal Muria of Team Big Bang (2009) encourages students to push themselves. ‘’[The competition] made me realise that I had to step out of my comfort zone to be competitive.’’

Build your network

Fly Your Ideas is a unique opportunity to work alongside Airbus experts and establish industry contacts. Lucas Otsuka of Team Retrolley, the runner-up team in 2015, encourages participants to make the most of networking opportunities to expand their project’s potential. ‘’Getting to know key people at Airbus was fundamental to get the idea to the market after the competition.’’

Utilise expert support

Expert support is available to Round 2 teams to help develop ideas and provide technical advice.. Mario Selvaggio of Team Grossomodo (2015) says, ‘’We had the opportunity to work with an engineer from Airbus (that introduced us the world of industry, with all the problems and responsibilities) and with a professor from Germany (our Academic Mentor).’’ Make the most of the advice they can offer to make your project the best it can be.

Develop your soft skills

Fly Your Ideas is more than just an innovation competition. It is a chance to hone your soft skills and gain experience in writing, project management and pitching your ideas. Kosisochukwu Anyaegbuna of Team Nevada (2017) says, ‘’the world needs innovators. Airbus Fly Your Ideas will not only teach you how to change the world through innovation but will give you the skills required to change the world!’’

If these tips have inspired you, register for the competition and let your ideas fly!

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