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The Airbus Fly Your Ideas adventure begins: Round 1 recap

Dec 17, 2018

Round 1 closed in November 2018 and Airbus Assessors are now selecting the top 50 teams to soar ahead to Round 2 of Fly Your Ideas. Teams will be informed whether they have been successful on 17th December and will have until March 2019 to develop their Round 2 submissions.

What happened in Round 1?

In Round 1, students formed their team and selected one of six digitally focused challenges for the future of the aerospace industry: Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Electrification,Data Services, Internet of Things and Mixed Reality. Each team came up with a solution based on the key question for their chosen challenge.

270 teams comprising 941 students from 72 countries completed a simple online questionnaire about their idea. Students were asked to explain the technology behind their idea and to consider its business potential, the benefits it will bring to the end user, any obstacles in its development, and to start thinking about the sort of prototyping they might develop in Round 2. They also submitted a sketch to help visualise the idea.

What happens next?

In Round 2, teams will submit a visual report and a video with support from their Academic Mentor. In addition, teams will be assigned a dedicated Airbus Mentor and benefit from technical advice from Airbus Experts.

The Airbus Assessors received some particularly innovative, interesting and creative ideas this year. Thank you to all teams who submitted and stay tuned for the results!


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