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The adventure that awaits the Airbus Fly Your Ideas finalists

Apr 24, 2019

Yesterday we announced the 7 teams selected for Fly Your Ideas Round 3. As the finalist teams celebrate the exciting news, their thoughts are already turning to what Round 3 will have in store. Keep reading for a glimpse of the adventure that awaits the finalists.

Bringing their idea to life

Finalist teams will travel to the beating heart of the aerospace industry: Airbus HQ in sunny Toulouse, France. They will spend a week bringing their idea to life through a prototype or advanced visualisation at Airbus’ cutting-edge innovation facilities.

Meeting their Airbus Mentor

Teams will connect with their Airbus Mentor in person and work with them in the final days of their idea’s development. We encourage teams and mentors to stay in touch: Alvery Grazebrook continues to be a valuable source of support for his former mentees, while Danny Antons recently flew to Tokyo to attend the wedding of a Fly Your Ideas alumnus.

Boosting their CV

We’ll kickstart the day with a motivational boost from Airbus speakers and CV-enhancing networking opportunities. Of course, there’ll also be fun activities and cultural insights, including sampling the French cuisine.

Showing the world what they can do

The finalists have a passion for aerospace and an idea that they truly believe in, and Round 3 is their chance to show the world. At the end of the week, teams will present their project to a panel of industry experts as well as our Facebook Live audience.

Building connections

While the jury deliberate, teams will have the opportunity to join our marketplace where guests will be eager to know more about their projects. They will have the chance to network with VIPs and experts from Airbus and other leading international companies and organisations.

Winning a share of the €45,000 prize fund

All Fly Your Ideas finalists will win a share of the €45,000 prize fund. A potentially life-changing sum will open opportunities to further study, travel or investment. Some Fly Your Ideas alumni have used the prize to fund their pilots’ license or develop their idea further.

Stay tuned on our Facebook page for the latest updates from the Fly Your Ideas finalists, and don’t miss their reaction videos!

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