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Fly high with our tips for Round 2 triumph!

Feb 05, 2019

We hope our Round 2 teams are having a fun and productive Fly Your Ideas journey! The destination is now in sight, so read on for our top tips to put you on the flight path to Round 3.

Need motivation? Join our social media community

Our vibrant social media community will give you an instant motivational boost! See what the teams are posting on our social wall and get involved – you might even star on our official Facebook page. Some teams have even created special profiles to showcase their projects: Asporia, Move-EZ, Flyby, QRevolution, Brainblowers, Osprey and Aerovators!

Looking for inspiration? Think outside of the box

Be creative! An interesting example comes from 2017 finalists Team SkyVision who, after the competition, pre-sold their idea to two airlines and used the data collected to mature their business model. Go the extra mile to develop a project that is both innovative and useful.

Need advice? Ask the experts

There are many people here to support you during your Fly Your Ideas adventure. We encourage you to make regular contact with your Airbus Mentor for project management support. You can also ask for your questions to be forwarded to an Airbus Expert. Take advantage of their technical know-how! Here is an example of what can be accomplished by seeking the right support: Team Move-EZ recently met with an aircraft captain to know more about the challenges addressed by their idea and how it can improve air travel.

Want recognition? Shout about your success

Being selected for Round 2 is a huge achievement and we hope that sharing the exciting news with your university will encourage you to keep striving for success. Some universities are already sharing Fly Your Ideas success stories on social media. Team FlyBy’s university were one of the first to share the exciting news!

Feeling overwhelmed? Set goals, organise tasks

Plan your project by breaking down the components into smaller steps. Team Brainblowers show us how: set objectives and assign tasks to each member of the team. This will help you to manage your time and will ensure you are always ten steps ahead. Meet regularly to develop your idea and ensure everyone is focused on the end goal.

Have a question? Contact us

We hope you found these tips useful for your team. And don’t forget, we are always happy to help – there is no problem too big or too small! Email us at info@airbus-fyi.com or message us on Facebook. We aim to reply within 24 hours.

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