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Upgrade your Round 2 project with our checklist for success

Mar 04, 2019


We launched our quest in June 2018 to offer students around the world the chance to innovate for the future of aerospace. Following months of hard work and bright ideas, 51 teams were selected in December to progress to the second round of the competition. With just one week to go until the Round 2 deadline, teams are adding the finishing touches to their submissions. Keep reading for our checklist for success.

The criteria

A team of dedicated Airbus Assessors will assess the ideas based on the below criteria. This should be used as guidance but the most important aspect to keep in mind is ensuring your project stands out from the crowd as a great innovative idea!


• Does the proposal answer the question for the Challenge?
• Does the summary explain the key features of the idea in a simple and concise way?


• Are the objectives / requirements well defined, and tracked?
• Are the tasks, the results and related achievements clearly described and with a structural plan?

Description & Prototype / Visualisation

• Have all resources been identified, e.g. people, test facilities, simulation effort?
• Do the visualisations within the report give a better understanding of the idea?
• Will the prototype / visualisation demonstrate that the idea will work?
• Does the proposal show clear innovative and / or creative elements?
• Does the team’s video correspond with the theme and content of their proposal?
• Does the video show that the team can present themselves with confidence?


• Has the team understood and explained further challenges in realising the idea?
• Does the proposal highlight any feedback collected or how feedback will be collected at a later stage
• Is the idea feasible or practical?
• Are the benefits well quantified and realistic? (Most important benefit to be highlighted)


• Does the proposal add value for the customer/company/industry?
• Does the idea answer to the real needs of the aerospace industry?

The guidelines

The written report

• No more than 2,000 words long
• PDF format
• Written in English
• Includes 1-5 visualisations – this may include sketches, diagrams, infographics and photos
• Reference your work using an internationally recognised referencing system

The video

• MP4 format with H.264 compression for video and AAC compression for audio.
• Maximum file size 400 MB
• Maximum length 2 minutes
• Any 3rd party footage, images or soundtracks are from royalty-free sources and comply with their terms and conditions of usage


The Team Leader should submit the project via the competition platform by 12:00 noon CET on Monday 11 March 2019.


Our destination is in sight: a spectacular live final at Airbus HQ, Toulouse! Airbus assessors will evaluate the Round 2 projects and select up to 6 teams to spend a week bringing their ideas to life at some of Airbus’ most cutting-edge innovation facilities. Results to be announced on 17th April! Until then, keep an eye on our social wall and join our vibrant Facebook community to stay updated on the latest Fly Your Ideas news.

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