Introducing Teamline of the Week!

Feb 03, 2017

Have you checked out the Fly Your Ideas Teamline yet? This is the go-to space for our top 50 teams to post photos, and updates on their progress throughout Round 2. 

Teams can post anything related to their Ideas or themselves - like photos from their meetings, happy moments when they experience a breakthrough or complete part of their Round 2 submission requirements, or even interesting videos they have found in their research. Via the Teamline, students can also engage with Fly Your Ideas supporters everywhere in the world who share their interest and passion for the aviation industry. 

Here’s a few tips for getting noticed on the Teamline,

  • Use high definition (300 dpi) images and in JPEG format
  • Get your university photographer (or a friend studying photography!) to take headshots of each team member and post these with an introduction to each person 
  • Take a team picture in a special location on your campus
  • Share sketches of your idea and show off your team’s creative skills
  • Use the social media share button to let all your friends know how you’re doing on Facebook, Twitter or - Instagram
  • Try to add an image to every post. Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words! 
  • Get attention with interesting and engaging messages to go with your photo. For example use humour to make your posts stand out from other teams!

Throughout February and March, we’ll also be showcasing our top Teamline of the Week. Every week, the Fly Your Ideas support team will select the top Teamline, based on the creativity of the teams’ posts.

We will announce the Teamline of the Week on our Facebook page and internally at Airbus through our employee communication channel, so winning teams will have their achievements and updates showcased throughout the business . Each month, we will select the overall top team, from our Teamline of the Week winners, who will receive a special Airbus prize for each member. 

So what are you waiting for? Explore the Fly Your Ideas Teamline here and participating teams - be creative, get posting and share your Fly Your Ideas experience for your chance to be Teamline of the Week winners!