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How Fly Your Ideas launched a stellar year for Kerry

Aug 03, 2018

Back in May 2017, Team Aquarius were enjoying the excitement of being Fly Your Ideas finalists and eventual runners up in the closely-fought competition. But their journey was far from over, as team member Kerry Philips has been telling us.

In just over a year, Kerry has made the jump from student finalist to securing a prestigious internship with Airbus’ German innovation team. She told us, “I have so much freedom with opportunities to travel across the globe, to work with a diverse range of people and to implement my own ideas. Airbus is incredibly flexible and have let me do things I never would have expected. It’s exactly where I want to be.”

Kerry was also a coach for student teams at the recent Airbus Airnovation Summer Academy, where we asked her to tell us about her Fly Your Ideas experience. Watch her describe how her team found themselves in the spotlight, and how this competition created opportunities to share, showcase and gather support for their idea.

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