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How diversity stimulates innovation

Nov 07, 2018

Diversity is integral to the Airbus identity, with over 20 languages spoken and more than 130 nationalities represented. A diverse team brings a diverse collection of ideas, increasing creativity and performance. All the winning teams since Fly Your Ideas launched in 2008 have mixed gender, nationality or discipline, proving that diversity stimulates innovation. In this article, we highlight some diverse teams from previous years of the competition to inspire you to form your own diverse teams.

Team MultiFun

Our 2015 winners are shining examples of diversity. The team of engineering postgraduates representing India, the UK, the USA and the Netherlands, brought their idea to life despite working in four countries on three continents. The team met together for the first time at the Fly Your Ideas final in Hamburg.

Their prize-winning idea combines energy harvesting and energy storage into weight neutral structural panels with the intent of gathering energy from structural deflections in flight, to replace or supplement energy from auxiliary power units and engine bleed.

Team Sky Vision

These 2017 finalists from the University of Surrey, UK, have mixed gender, nationality and discipline. The team consist of three undergraduate students – two male, and one female – of Iraqi, British and Cypriot nationalities.

Their idea turns a commercial airliner into an ‘Earth Observation Device’ by installing equipment into the fuselage of the aircraft to monitor ground activity during flight. An alternative to satellite imagery, it opens up new opportunities in areas such as environmental analysis and urban planning.

Team Bolleboos

Finalists in our 2015 competition, the all-female team of Engineering students from Spain, Italy and the Netherlands represented City University London, UK.

Their idea is a wireless Power Transfer to improve taxiing for more efficient ground operations using the principle of inductive power transfer by which aircraft are electrically charged while running on the taxiway. The system consists of a source system embedded on the ground and pick-up system on the aircraft.

Fly Your Ideas is open to students of all genders, nationalities and disciplines. We hope this article has inspired you to create your own diverse teams and develop creative solutions to one of the six challenges. Round 1 is now open for submissions – don’t miss out!

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