How Airbus innovates by listening to passengers

Feb 16, 2017

Just as Fly Your Ideas 2017 teams tackling the Business Models Challenge are exploring how new technologies like digitalisation could create valuable experiences for both individuals and businesses, within Airbus our own teams are also using data-driven insights to improve the experience of flying. 

So when 60% of the 130 million people who have travelled by A380 told us that they would make an extra effort to choose this double-decker plane over another aircraft, we responded by creating a simple A380-only flight booking service. Passengers enter their travel dates and destination, and can apply the usual booking filters, including price, time of day or airport. Customer can then proceed with their airline booking in the knowledge that they will be getting the best inflight experience on their preferred plane. 

iflyA380 gives passengers more control of their travel, whilst building a loyal community of A380 fans who share news of their flight with other aviation and aircraft fans around the world via their social media accounts. 

Check out the latest from our 8 teams tackling the Business Models Challenge on the Fly Your Ideas Teamline, and see Airbus’ Digital Transformation Officer, Marc Fontaine discussing the A380 and how the company is innovating to deliver associated services, like the iflyA380 service here...