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Further success for Mohit, Team Multifun member

Aug 24, 2016
Mohit Gupta

We caught up with Mohit Gupta, member of Team Multifun, our Airbus Fly Your Ideas 2015 winners. Mohit’s now working as a Graduate Research Assistant and PhD student at Georgia Tech, in Atlanta, USA and has some big news to share with us.

“I’m delighted to say that I have led the Georgia Tech team to victory at the Airbus America Innovation Showdown Challenge 2016! As team leader for this competition, I was able to use my experience from Airbus Fly Your Ideas to help manage tasks and plan our time.”

‘’The Showdown Challenge was to come up with new ideas related to aircraft waste management and luggage handling. I called on my network of senior Airbus experts and supporters from Airbus Fly Your Ideas to help us develop our technology and the business case for our proposal: the implementation of a gasification process on board aircraft, which would help reduce waste as well as powering subsystems.”

Taking part in a global student competition like Airbus Fly Your Ideas offers long-term benefits as well as the immediate reward of innovating alongside Airbus experts. “Thanks to our success in Airbus Fly Your Ideas, I have gained in confidence in my work.”, explains Mohit. “Seeing our achievements win recognition around the world, I feel rewarded and it has motivated me to go even further. As a team, we have decided to take the idea to the next stage by registering patents and incorporating as a startup”. Here again, the team has been recognised globally – Team Multifun won the best startup of the year at the annual ITMA Future Materials awards and were awarded the top spot in the Clean Tech and Environment category at the University Startup World Cup in Denmark.

Reflecting on the experience of taking part in Fly Your Ideas, Mohit says that, “A competition like Airbus Fly Your Ideas can demand a time investment of nearly 7 months if the team is dedicated to reaching the finals. For graduate students juggling their workload, it’s definitely a big commitment. But our hard work has really paid off and I recommend the experience to all students.”

We’re certain that Mohit’s story will be an inspiration to students around the world considering taking part in the next edition of Fly Your Ideas.