From fifty to five – teams await news of the Round 2 assessment

Apr 10, 2017

Across 4 different locations last week, teams of Fly Your Ideas Assessors gathered to evaluate the 48 submissions received from our 2017 Round 2 teams. In Toulouse (France), Hamburg (Germany), Filton (UK) and Getafe (Spain), Airbus people from across the business gave up their time to see how our student teams have developed and progressed their ideas. With only 5 places in the next stage, theirs was a high-stakes decision.

Kickstarting proceedings on 4 April, a group of technical assessors gathered to examine teams’ reports, visualisations and videos. Comprised of experts from across each of our five Fly Your Ideas 2017 Challenges, they enjoyed the experience of seeing how students from around the world tackled the big issues facing the aviation industry of the future.

“It was refreshing to see how enthusiastic the students are about solving problems that we end up dealing with every day,” said Adrian Dyke, Product Engineering Leader. Some projects were eliminated at this stage. However, Weight Estimation Expert Judi Cheesman said that “All the students get a unanimous ‘yes’ for their confidence. Their enthusiasm and conviction and passion for what they’re doing is really motivating.” Airbus’ Vice President of Engineering and Fly Your Ideas patron Charles Champion made time to add his voice to the choice for the final shortlist, and the top 5 teams will be announced this week.

Meanwhile, Airbus communications and audio-visual specialists reviewed the Round 2 videos, ahead of the Fly Your Ideas Video Competition, coming soon. Their selection of 7 videos will soon be opened to a public vote here, on the Fly Your Ideas website.

Tim Axford, A350 Wing Evolution Manager, summed up the experience from an Assessor’s point of view: “It has been heartwarming to see the enthusiasm and innovative spirit that they’ve bought to the project. The amount of work the students have put in to their Round 2 ideas is impressive and very much appreciated.”