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Fly Your Ideas, one year on: Catching up with Team Aquarius

Aug 21, 2018

Team Aquarius from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, were runners-up in our 2017 competition for their aerial fire-fighting solution. We caught up with Anil, Philipp and Kerry one year on.

What happened after the competition?

Talking about her experience after the competition, Kerry says, ‘’I was absolutely shocked at the flow of events that occurred for me and my team. We have been invited to present to high level officials in our university, been in numerous articles online as well as in print, interviewed by the local radio, flown to regional Australia to promote aviation and RMIT, presented to His Royal Highness Andrew Duke of York as well as numerous other opportunities. It has been a true whirlwind.’’

Did the idea develop further?

The team continued to investigate technical and socio-economic fire-fighting solutions, including education on forest fire prevention, early detection technologies and fire-retardant materials. Philipp tells us, ‘’With the global fire situation, recently again in Sweden, Greece and the US, there is still a huge need to address the problem.’’

What is the team doing now?

The competition has left a lasting impact on all the team members. Philipp, who now works as an Aerospace Design and Systems Engineer, says ‘’Developing this idea has helped me realise that I want to work on something in my life closely associated with people, with a direct benefit to others.’’ Next year he will travel to Sri Lanka to spend six months developing a Learning Centre.

Kerry continues to study a double degree in Aviation and Business Management and is about to complete an internship at Airbus DS in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Anil is preparing to submit his doctoral thesis in Aerospace Engineering. He says, ‘’the visibility gained from this competition has opened doors for many career opportunities after my PhD studies, both in academia and industry.’’

Advice for 2019 teams…

The team have plenty of wisdom to offer students taking on the 2019 challenge. Anil encourages students to use the experience as an opportunity to develop teamwork skills. ‘’It is very important to have a diverse and dynamic team. You will learn a lot amongst each other by having a team with different skillsets and fields.‘’ Finally, Kerry says ‘’There is no right idea or wrong idea. Just ones that make sense and can exist easily within the world, improving people’s lives.’’

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