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Fly Your Ideas: Electrification Challenge

Nov 13, 2018

Electrification has long been seen as the key to flying longer, further and cleaner but how can this technology be embedded in the Airbus products of the future?  “This is a major issue, a chance to preserve our planet,” says Valery Gineste, this challenge’s main sponsor.

The possible benefits of Electrification are well known – particularly the potential to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of air travel by dramatically reducing emissions. Less familiar is the recent progress in crucial technologies that have reduced the energy and power densities, and recurring costs of electric propulsion.

These are exciting trends but further improvements in the range and mission capabilities of electric vehicles are needed. Airbus is investing in research dedicated to developing the technology and expertise needed. Students can apply their creativity and innovative approaches to electric flying involving commercial aircraft, drones, helicopters or spacecraft.

“In the aerospace industry we love challenges and Electrification could make a huge difference to all our products and other forms of urban travel too,” says Valery. “This is a superb opportunity for Airbus to show what we can achieve together and ensure good air quality for all.”

You could work with Airbus to discover new solutions to reduce the weight of the aircraft energy storage and generation systems. Or maybe devise improved technologies and systems combinations, architectures, or energy systems integration to enable better performance through innovative embedded electrical energy systems.

Teams might also focus on the recharging, diagnosis and potential grid interfaces, the harvesting of energy for redistribution, or even solutions for the second life of energy storage systems.

“My advice to entrants is simple,” concludes Valery. “The stakes are high so be bold, be innovative and be part of the generation that finds a solution. This challenge is for dreamers and game changers who want to shape the world of tomorrow.”

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