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Fly Your Ideas: Data Services Challenge

Oct 04, 2018

Airbus generates a vast amount of data from various platforms and, as this challenge’s main sponsor Jean-Michel Darroy says, “Data is the new oil!”

Aircraft, helicopters, drones and satellites all produce information that could be the key to innovative new applications and services. These as yet undiscovered areas could revolutionise the aerospace industry, transform the passenger experience, or have a radical positive impact on domains such as security, the environment, smart cities and more. “Data is one of the most exciting domains of the modern world,” says Jean-Michel. “With Data Services, you can touch any Airbus product you choose and leverage the related data to an incredible variety of applications. There’s no limit to the participants’ creativity.”

Fly Your Ideas teams tackling the Data Services Challenge can look to start a traditional platform business, devise a means to improve production processes or extend a product life cycle. This might mean leveraging cloud computing power and machine learning techniques, or involve mixing a range of internal and external data to unleash some hidden potential.

The starting point will be thinking about new applications or services built on Airbus data from different sources. Proposals could be about industrial processes and the quality of workers’ lives, but they could also offer value-added services for Airbus’ customers, possibly using satellite or drone technology, or radical new solutions for travellers. As long as the idea uses data and aims to have a positive impact it will be considered.

“I got involved in Fly Your Ideas because I love the stimulating environment, this challenge is ‘Airbus wide’, and the rich cultural diversity of a global event is always a pleasure to work with,” concludes Jean-Michel. “My advice to applicants at this stage is to dream big, but also be very concrete in what you propose. Start prototyping as early as possible and always keep your ultimate user or customer in mind.”

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