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Fly Your Ideas Challenge: Internet of Things

Nov 16, 2018

How can the Internet of Things revolutionise the passenger experience and improve collaboration in the aerospace industry?

The Internet of Things – IoT – helps Airbus to gather and process the right data at the right time to improve processes and create future products and services for our customers and their passengers. IoT makes collecting and managing large amounts of big data possible and opens up new analytics and Artificial Intelligence-based microservices.

“The Internet of Things is a key enabler for digital transformation in all functional areas,” says challenge sponsor Dr. Anes Hodzic, head of IoT at the Airbus Digital Transformation Office. “Huge amounts of data from large numbers of connected devices require new ways of ingesting, modelling and securing that data. Those devices have to interact with each other to make the data useful for the end user. With the right level of creativity to shape how that happens, we can change how we work and interact together.”

The huge increase in connectivity that Hodzic references has led to demand for scalable data collection and processing capability. Cost-effective data transmission, low-cost data processing and storage are all key enablers for real-time IoT applications.

Airbus is looking for Fly Your Ideas students to think about IoT in terms of technologies or applications that could improve the passenger experience of air travel. These could include new data-driven interaction between aircraft, crew and passengers; improvement of the journey experience from home to destination; or personalisation of cabin environments based on mobile data.

Teams should consider IoT solutions which change how employees, partners, subcontractors and customers in the aerospace industry collaborate. Examples include training or information exchange for shop floor technicians and service employees; tracking of parts in the supply chain; or real-time interaction with suppliers and customers.

“I don’t claim to have the smartest people already on board at Airbus when it comes to IoT,” says Hodzic with a smile. “Through Fly Your Ideas I’m interested in seizing the creativity and imagination of the ’digital native’ generation that has grown up with social media and digitalisation.”

So what is his advice to students thinking of tackling the challenge? “Think big but start small. Addressing the complex issues our industry faces starts with simple solutions with user in mind and experience isn’t necessarily an asset!”

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