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Fly Your Ideas Challenge: Be bold and have fun with Mixed Reality

Oct 31, 2018

Mixed Reality (Augmented and Virtual Reality) mass-market technologies are rapidly changing the way companies such as Airbus imagine their industrial operations and develop future services. How will the aerospace industry put them to work?

Mixed Reality (MR) technologies have long been used to support pilots during certain flight phases, to improve the aircraft design process and to enable interaction with 3D digital models before production. Now Airbus wants to harness widely available products to develop exciting new solutions.

“At Airbus we are convinced MR will massively transform both our personal and professional lives,” says challenge sponsor François Favre. “This technology is right at the core of our digital transformation programme.” One example is aircraft marketing. Today marketing still involves lots of paper documentation, costly mock-ups and site visits. A Mixed Reality interface could provide remote, flexible and interactive support for customers as they make vital decisions about product design and configuration.

Indeed, Mixed Reality apps are already available off the shelf, run on standard smartphones and have the potential to speed up the development of specialist products and services for the entire aerospace industry. Fly Your Ideas student teams are encouraged to demonstrate the potential of MR apps for the aerospace industry. This could involve defining user stories, producing a working prototype and highlighting the operational benefits and limitations of their idea.

“We’re already seeing an amazing variety of potential MR applications emerging across all Airbus divisions and business areas,” François adds. “My message for Fly Your Ideas applicants interested in the subject would be, ‘join the party, be bold and have fun!’”

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