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Fly Your Ideas Challenge: Artificial Intelligence

Sep 28, 2018

Artificial Intelligence – AI – combines the raw computing power of machines with cognitive powers to learn, reason and perform tasks. Refining its application in aerospace to identify opportunities or entirely new business models is a 2019 Fly Your Ideas challenge.

“I’m curious to see what comes out of this,” says the AI challenge’s main sponsor Adam Bonnifield, head of Artificial Intelligence at Airbus. “We’re looking for a fresh idea that would make experienced people in the industry sit up and say ‘wow!’”

Why did Adam get involved? “Having spent some time in academia, Fly Your Ideas is a chance for me to reconnect with the student community and its out-of-the-box thinking,” he answers. “And AI is so much fun. It combines the hardest technical problems with pure creativity. It’s exciting to get in on the ground floor, as there simply aren’t many experts around.”

AI opportunities at Airbus are as diverse as the technology itself. Applications range from smart inventory management and helping astronauts onboard the International Space System to real-time pilot support. AI could detect quality issues on the shopfloor, or use Airbus’ imagery assets to design entirely new lines of business and services. It is already helping flight crews to make better decisions, optimising the global supply chain, and helping detect failure points in the manufacturing process.

Fly Your Ideas candidates could focus on AI solutions that support and extend Airbus’ existing expertise and open up new customer opportunities. This challenge is designed to empower students to assess the feasibility of their idea and prove its value to Airbus, and then prototype and build the concept into a working application.

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