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Final inspiration from our 2015 Fly Your Ideas winners

Mar 29, 2017
Final inspiration

In Fly Your Ideas 2015, Team Multifun took the top prize of €30,000 after impressing the Jury with their idea for harnessing energy natural vibrations or flex in an aircraft’s wings. With teams now taking a breath after completing their Round 2 submissions, we had a chat with Mohit from Team Multifun, to get his perspective on his Fly Your Ideas winning team’s journey.

So, what was the key to his team’s progress at the final stage of the last edition? “Believe in your team and work as hard as you can! Each team member should be finalising specific tasks, and be willing to work efficiently and enthusiastically. Remember, this competition is a fantastic opportunity to gain specific innovation, engineering and problem-solving skills.”

Team Multifun were a ‘virtual’ team, based in 3 different continents and working together across 4 different time zones. He explains how his team turned a disadvantage into a competitive edge. “We used to work almost 24 hours a day, as it was always working time for at least one member of the team, and we were constantly connected via online communication tools.”

Mohit has some wise advice for the teams who won’t make the final cut too, “I also participated in Fly Your Ideas 2013, and my team made it as far as Round 2. We didn’t go further because we realised there was a technical issue with our idea as well as some flaws in the functioning of our team. I used this as a real learning experience, eradicated problems that arose in 2013, participated with dynamic enthusiasm again in 2015 and came out with flying colours!”

Overall, how does he reflect on his experience of Airbus Fly Your Ideas, over the 2 editions in which he has participated? “The energy, the creativity, the diversity, the networking, the feeling of doing something which no one has ever done, the feeling that you are getting close to something that could really change the future of aviation through all your hard work!”

Here’s some final words from Mohit, “Brace yourselves for a helluva ride, on your way to becoming a helluva engineer!’

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