Creating a great Round 2 Report

Feb 10, 2017

Our top 50 teams must produce three pieces of work for the 27 March Round 2 deadline, including a 2,000 word report. So, what will the evaluators be looking for when they review teams’ reports? 

Fly Your Ideas Assessor Adrian Dykes, a Product Engineering Leader has this advice, “Understand the problem you are trying to solve and then focus on solving that problem!” and Mike Reed, HO Fuel & Inerting System Architects says that it’s all about ‘detail and clarity’.

Here are our Report Writing Dos and Don’ts, based on previous participants’ advice and more suggestions from Airbus people. Much of this is relevant to any student report writing project, so read on for useful advice!

• Stick to the guidelines – the Round 2 Report should be 2,000 words maximum and in PDF format

• Plan and then structure your work carefully. For Fly Your Ideas teams, this should include a synopsis of your idea and conclusions at the start of the report, your objectives, a description of your work, a summary of your prototype or visualisation, and the outcomes of your work

• Add only the links and references that are relevant to your project, and remember that they do not form part of any evaluation criteria

• Be clear – if no-one on your team is a native English speaker, find someone else to proofread your work – your university communications team may be able to help. 

Good luck to all our Round 2 teams, as well as all our Fly Your Ideas supporters and fans from around the world who are also working on report-writing projects at the moment! Keep an eye on the Fly Your Ideas Teamline for the latest from our teams, including team photos and regular updates.