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Bring your ideas to life with video

Feb 27, 2019

Lights, camera, action! In the digital age, video is one of the most accessible and entertaining ways to learn, discover, and share your story with the world in an instant. This article will help you get started.

Learn from the experts

Take inspiration from Fly Your Ideas alumni! Visit our Facebook page as we look back on the highlights from the 2017 video competition. You can also gain insight from Airbus’ official YouTube channel. See how Airbus’ audio-visual, marketing and communications teams explain Airbus’ projects through video.

Tell your story

Create a storyboard to help you to visualise how the video will flow. Make sure to introduce yourself, your team and explain why your ideas is great. Fly Your Ideas is all about teamwork so ensure that all members get involved, perhaps explaining their individual contribution.

Set the scene

Good lighting will make a huge difference in the video quality. Use a tripod or set your camera on a sturdy surface. Record in landscape mode. This will make your footage look good on all devices.

Connect with your audience

Make eye contact, speak clearly and smile! Use calm, open body language. Consider how you want your video to play on the audience’s emotions – you may choose to incorporate humour or demonstrate compassion and empathy when discussing your idea.

Keep it simple

You only have two minutes, so be concise! Stick to your script. You may use subtitles to help the audience follow your key points. Use a simple, clean editing style without too many effects or transitions. This will make your video look professional.

Edit like a pro

Good video editing software can help you turn your raw footage into something great. Check out some of the Best Video Editing Software available for free. Ranked in the top three, Blender, Lightworks and Shotcut are all available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

With digital skills as the focus of this year’s competition, we hope these tips inspired you to bring your ideas to life through video. For Fly Your Ideas teams, this is your opportunity to explain in two minutes or less why YOU should be selected for Round 3! Our favourite videos will enter a public vote with a special prize for the winner.

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