Augmented Approaches to Land (AAL), a key project launched by SESAR

Mar 15, 2017

Here’s an interesting example of how Airbus has joined forces with key partners like SESAR (Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research) to tackle the same challenges as our 7 teams taking on the Flight Operations Challenge in Round 2. 

"SESAR has five objectives that we're working on in parallel: increase capacity at airport level; enhance flight efficiency; increase safety; lower costs; and reduce the environmental footprint of aviation,” explained Patrick Schuster, Airbus Engineering Director, Multi-Program Projects and ATM.

Air traffic around major airports is dense and complex, so approach and departure routes are designed as the best compromise between noise abatement, fuel efficiency and runway throughout. 

Airbus is an active member of SESAR who takes on the challenge to modernise Europe’s air traffic management system. Discover the Augmented Approaches to Land project (AAL) in this video now to find out more about this Flight Operations innovation: