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An exclusive look at the facilities available to Airbus Fly Your Ideas finalists

Jun 11, 2019

Fly Your Ideas teams have been given the incredible opportunity to spend three days at Airbus’ state-of-the-art innovation facilities in Toulouse, France to further develop, prototype or visualise their ideas. On 27 June, the teams will present their creation to an international panel of experts, livestreamed in parallel to a global audience. Keep reading to learn about the exciting spaces and facilities that Airbus has to offer.


ProtoSpace is the ultimate ‘sandbox’ for aerospace engineers, designers and innovators. Teams will have access to state-of-the-art technology including an IT and Electronics lab, 3D printers, a model cockpit, and more.

ProtoSpace contains the AIR² lab, where Artificial Intelligence is tested and demonstrated.

In the Electronics lab, teams will be able to develop electronics and bring smart functions to their prototype with various levels of complexity in their demonstration, including low level demonstration with arduinos, medium level demonstration with Raspberry Pi or other computing resources, and high level demonstration with custom made Printed Circuit Boards.

In the Mechanical lab, teams will have access to tools, machines and support to make any physical parts. Cutting, drilling, welding, laser and water cutter, and 3D Printing will be accessible.

The Integration lab is where teams can bring everything together into their smart demo: IT, electronics, and physical parts. This is a large workspace equipped with the handling means and tools to put together a demonstrator of significant scale and perform operations such as de-risking trials, evaluations, installation and testing.


iStudio is Airbus’ entry point to boost IT innovation and to connect the business with the right technologies. Finalists will be able to access the tools and resources that Airbus employees use to try out, improve and implement radical innovations for the future of flight.

Holographic Academy

At the Holographic Academy, teams can use all possible Mixed Reality technologies including helmet, glasses, tablets and phones, to bring their ideas to life.

Electrical Power & Engineering Laboratory

This lab is the place to design, prototype and test solutions for support activities in the field of energy storage, energy generation, electronics, electrical distribution, EMC, RF and wireless.

The Airbus Fly Your Ideas competition is a truly unique opportunity for the seven finalist teams to get hands-on with their ideas and enjoy unprecedented access to Airbus’ in-house innovation facilities. Stay tuned on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for more exclusive insights!

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