A unique, positive learning experience for all – feedback on Fly Your Ideas 2017

Aug 04, 2017

The chance to apply classroom learning to real-world aviation issues and the unique opportunity to work alongside Airbus people on innovative ideas – taking part in Airbus Fly Your Ideas is a great way for students to take their skills to the next level and potentially win the top prize of €30,000! There are many other benefits for all those who are involved in the competition. Following the successful 5th edition, we asked this year’s participants and Airbus supporters for their views on why Fly Your Ideas is such a positive experience.

First up, one student participant had this to say; “I've improved drastically in so many areas: innovation, communication, learning more about aviation, networking, presentation, writing!” 

It’s clear that taking on the role of an Airbus Mentor also has rewards for the dedicated Airbus employees who volunteer to support teams: “It provides an opportunity to work with highly talented students. “I can share my knowledge, expertise and provide an overview about Airbus, plus offer tips and advice to help students prepare for the future and be industry ready.” Another Mentor adds that, “It was a brilliant experience. I built a really good relationship with my team, I met new colleagues in Airbus. I expanded my knowledge too.”  

Airbus Experts were enthusiastic about the experience of being part of this global student competition; saying that it was “interesting to see ideas from outside Airbus,” and an “opportunity to think outside the box.” A senior Expert shared how refreshing he found it to spend time in the company of the next generation and enjoyable to watch their quick absorption of new ideas and input. 

Reflecting on the overall Fly Your Ideas 2017 experience, a student team-member commented, “The competition is a great opportunity to learn how to transfer our ideas and innovations into commercialized products. Even if we don't win, the feedback and help during the process is very useful.” One of the finalist teams’ Academic Mentors added that “It was a great experience for students to be able to interact with a top player in the aviation industry.”

Any final words for teams already looking ahead to future editions? Here’s the view of one determined student participant, “The competition is a great experience. Bouncing ideas around with the people from Airbus is highly inspirational and has given me many new ideas for entries in the future! We're going to get to the Final next time!”