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2015 winner returns to take on Fly Your Ideas 2019

Apr 03, 2019

Mohit Gupta is back with Team Optibag from Georgia Tech, US. Like an Olympian, he’s going for gold and ready to reclaim his title as Fly Your Ideas champion. To find out more, we caught up with Mohit on his third Fly Your Ideas adventure.

Most people know that I participated in Airbus Fly Your Ideas in 2015 as I was part of the winning team, Multifun. However, nobody knows that I participated in the 2013 edition as well. At that time, I worked to improve the design of the engine cowl’s inlet for maximum inflow of air to reduce the chance of aircraft stall. We reached Round 2, but our team was not selected for the final. I never gave up and ended up winning the 2015 edition and I am still here, participating in 2019.

Fly Your Ideas is the best avenue for students like me to bring out the best in ourselves. It gives us a chance to learn, innovate, get feedback from industry experts and test our ideas on real-life situations. It is truly the Olympics of Aerospace Engineering for students.

As Fly Your Ideas turns its focus to digital solutions, we can clearly see how the competition reflects the research, development and innovation going on in the aerospace industry. The industry is gradually pivoting towards innovation in areas such as Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

This year, my team Optibag are competing in the Data Services challenge. Our idea uses data to identify an optimum trim for an aircraft based on the flight conditions. This tells us where the Center of Gravity should be, and we have developed a platform which uses baggage loading to achieve the optimum trim and minimise fuel consumption. We also came up with a dynamic programming enabled machine learning algorithm which provides a platform to optimise baggage loading using the data collected.

I have gained so much from Fly Your Ideas over the years, that it is hard for me to summarise everything. My message to the students out there is to be persistent and keep innovating, because even if you don’t win, this experience will enhance your capabilities to take on the real challenges in the future.

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