Making dreams happen: working in Airbus’ ProtoSpace

Mar 07, 2018

When our Fly Your Ideas 2017 top five teams arrived in Toulouse, France last May, Alvaro Jara Rodelgo joined a team of fellow Airbus experts to welcome the students to ProtoSpace, where they were ...

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Fly Your Ideas and watch your career take off

Mar 01, 2018

Every time the Fly Your Ideas launch comes around, there is a perceptible buzz in the air at Airbus, generated by the unique opportunity the competition gives us to engage with future talent and to ...

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UNESCO shares Fly Your Ideas success story at ‘Next Generation of Aviation Professionals’ (NGAP) Summit

Jan 22, 2018

How does the aerospace industry anticipate and prepare for the challenges of the future? As well as working towards solutions to challenges like data handling and new ways to travel, it’s critical ...

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2017: students harness the latest tech and digital tools for Fly Your Ideas challenges and beyond

Dec 12, 2017

December is here, and we have been looking back on some of the highlights of the year – what a year 2017 has been! Following the launch of the 5th edition of the Fly Your Ideas challenge at ...

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From V-Formation flight to Vahana

Nov 27, 2017

Geoffrey Bower is the Chief Engineer for Vahana, an electric, self-piloted, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft project. He works at Airbus’ A3 facility, our advanced projects operation in ...

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