Business Models

What else could be done with aircraft other than transportation?

Transporting passengers and, or cargo has always been the key mission of commercial aircraft. Could we imagine new business models for commercial aircraft? What innovative partnerships could be put in place between airlines and other (non-airline) companies to offer new services? How can digitalisation and new technologies transform commercial aviation? Are there unexploited opportunities for airlines or could new thinking deliver differentiated value to individuals or enterprises?

Flight operations

How can big data be used to improve the efficiency of flight operations?

Recent innovations have hugely increased the quantity of data and the possibilities available for companies who want to collect and use it. The challenge, and the opportunity, is to make this new world of data useful and useable to improve people’s lives. New ways of linking datasets have played a large role in generating insights. Which issue could be solved or which flight operations could be enhanced by accessing and analysing large quantities of data?

Passenger experience

How can new processes or layouts ease passenger boarding and disembarking, whilst increasing capacity for luggage?

Many passengers prefer to keep their luggage on-board. At the same time, cabin space is limited and getting onto and off Aircraft with your luggage takes time. Airbus cabins already provide spacious baggage bins but what new and innovative ideas would ease on-boarding and off-boarding while also allowing passengers to keep their belongings to hand during their flight?

Design engineering

How can artificial intelligence support aircraft design and/or manufacturing?

Aircraft design, testing and manufacturing are complex activities involving many parameters and data. How could artificial intelligence assist Airbus engineers to make the right choices, test their ideas or follow up complex processes faster and with more reliability?


How can manufacturing be disruptively improved to reduce waste and ensure the sustainability of resources?

What new initiatives can be imagined that would make significant gains to reduce the environmental footprint of Airbus manufacturing activities and/or reduce non-value added activities in order to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction?