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May 24, 2018
internet of things

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The IoT enables us to gather and process the right data at the right time to improve operational processes and creates future products and services for our customers and passengers. It helps us to collect and manage large amounts of data and enables new analytics and AI microservices.

The significant increase of connected devices has led to demand for scalable data collection, ingestion and processing solutions. Recent solutions for cost-effective data transmissions, low-cost data processing and storage solutions are key enablers for real-time IoT applications.

Need Inspiration?

We want ideas based on IoT technologies which could improve the experience of air travel for future passengers. These could include new data-driven interaction opportunities between aircraft, crew and passengers, improvement of the journey experience from home to destination or personalization of cabin environments based on mobile data.

Alternatively, teams could devise IoT solutions which change the ways that employees, partners/subcontractors and customers in the aerospace industry collaborate. For example, training or information exchange for shop floor technicians and service employees, tracking of parts in the supply chain or real-time interaction with suppliers and customers.

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