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May 24, 2018

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Electrification could have a significant impact on the future of flight and also reduce the environmental impact of air travel. Critical technologies in electric propulsion systems have seen energy and power densities and recurring costs improve significantly over the past decade.

These trends are promising, but there is still much to do to improve the range and mission capabilities of electric vehicles. Airbus is investing in research dedicated to developing the technology and expertise needed. Work alongside us to meet the challenges of electric flying whether it involves commercial aircraft, drones, helicopters or spacecraft.

Need Inspiration?

Work with us to find new solutions to reduce the weight of the aircraft energy storage and generation systems. You could produce ideas to improve technologies and systems combinations, architectures, or energy systems integration to enable better performance through innovative embedded electrical energy systems.

Teams may also focus on the recharging, diagnosis and potential grid interfaces or the harvesting of energy for redistribution, or solutions for the second life of energy storage systems.

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