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May 24, 2018
data services

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Airbus generates a vast amount of data from various platforms. Aircraft, helicopters, drones and satellites all produce information that could be the basis for innovative new applications and services. These have the potential to revolutionise the aerospace industry, transform the passenger experience in the near future or to have a radical positive impact on many domains (security, environment, mobility, smart cities, …)

Data can be considered as an extension of a traditional platform business or as a means to improve production or a product life cycle. It is now possible to leverage cloud computing power and machine learning techniques, or to mix a range of internal and external data to unleash its hidden potential.

Need Inspiration?

Start thinking about new applications or services using Airbus data from different sources. Teams’ proposals should improve production processes and the quality of workers’ lives, or provide value-added services for our customers or business solutions for travelers.

You could also work on leveraging the data generated by Airbus to positively impact people everywhere.

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