• 2013 - Events

  • 2013 - Fly Your Ideas - Final Event

  • Fly Your Ideas 2013 - Jury Members

    • Charles Champion

      Charles Champion

      Airbus Executive Vice President Engineering

    • Dr Lidia Brito

      Dr Lidia Brito

      UNESCO’s Director for Science Policy and Capacity Building in the Natural Science Sector

    • Ardhendu G. Pathak

      Ardhendu G. Pathak

      Responsible for developing disruptive technologies as Head of Airbus Innovation Cell - India.

    • Dr.Lidia Brito and Charles Champion

      Dr.Lidia Brito and Charles Champion

      Lidia and Charles

    • Bruno Delile

      Bruno Delile

      Senior Vice President New Aircraft and Corporate Fleet Planning for Air France.

    • Nicolas Tschechne

      Nicolas Tschechne

      Member of the Trend Research & Market Intelligence team at Airbus in Hamburg.

    • Dr. Charbel Farhat

      Dr. Charbel Farhat

      Professor of Aircraft Structures at Stanford University.

  • Fly Your Ideas 2013 Projects

    • Team Embarker - Finalist

      Team Embarker - Finalist

      Thermo energy Harvester, CNT/polymer composite passenger seat

    • Team AVAS - Finalist

      Team AVAS - Finalist

      Shape shifting materials that help reduce noise, made from special shape-shifting materials.

    • Team LEVAR - Winner

      Team LEVAR - Winner

      Luggage loading/unloading system for airplane cargo inspired by air hockey tables.

    • Team Flybrid - Finalist

      Team Flybrid - Finalist

      Innovative short-haul airliner with hybrid-turboprop propulsion.

    •  Team CLiMA - Runner up

      Team CLiMA - Runner up

      Planes powered by methane gas, a sustainable fuel solution.

  • Infographics

    • Fly Your Ideas Infographic

      Fly Your Ideas Infographic

      Our latest Fly Your Ideas Infographic

    • Future of Flight in 2050

      Future of Flight in 2050

      The future of flight infographic part 2 - details by country

    • Future of Flight in 2050

      Future of Flight in 2050

      Infographic outlining the future of flight in 2050