Well done to our Video Competition winners!
Huge congratulations to Team eMeals, Georgia Tech University, USA, winner of the Airbus Fly Your Ideas 2015 video competition! It was a close race between Team Group Magnificence and Team Vinai, but once all non-valid votes were cleaned up, team eMeals was the clear winner with over 15000 valid votes. Each of the 8 videos selected showcased the teams' ideas and their collaboration extremely well - but this team’s lively explanation and great team spirit won the day! Your GoPro cameras will be on the way to you soon.

  • #1Team DreamTeam Video

    Meet the team from Rzeszow University of Technology in Poland who want to make aircraft boarding a smoother process with their semi-automated Express Boarding System.

  • #2Team eMeals Video

    Find out about the automated, on demand meal and beverage service, delivered to passenger’s seat, from this diverse team from Georgia Tech in the USA.

  • #3Team Flyboys S.M.A.R.T Video

    Meet Team Flyboys from Carleton University in Canada that had created The Leading On-Flight and On-Ground Passenger Information & Entertainment systems.

  • #4Team Group Magnificence Video

    A multi-national, multi-discipline team from HEC Paris in France want to transform the inflight Passenger Experience with their Beyond E-Logistics Technology or BELT.

  • #5Team Retrolley Video

    This mixed-gender team from the University of São Paulo in Brazil have designed a garbage trolley that reduces service time, enables recycling and prevents landfill.

  • #6Team TakeOff Team Video

    Check out Team TakeOff from the University of Bologna in Italy. They have designed a self-monitoring technology for aircraft maintenance based on wireless communication.

  • #7Team The Gunners Team Video

    From the German-Jordanian University in Jordan, the Gunners want to improve the inflight experience with the SERVE – System of Entertainment, Relaxation and Entertainment.

  • #8Team Vinai Video

    These Aeronautical Engineering students from Hindustan University in India have tackled the Affordable Growth Challenge with an idea for a Thermoexhaust Generator.


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