Fly Your Ideas 2013 Best Video Announced

After a lively contest, Team Alma from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, has triumphed as the Fly Your Ideas 2013 Video Competition champions.

Team Alma will now see their video hosted on for a week; the first time any Fly Your Ideas team video has been granted this honour.

The “Best Video” title has been given to the team with the highest number of online votes when the competition closed at 12 noon GMT on 3 June. Given the very high numbers of votes, we reviewed the votes and removed from all teams any automatically generated votes which break the rules of the competition. After a few tense hours, Team Alma were announced clear winners, leading the field with more than double the number of real votes of any other team.

The competing teams, from Australia, China, Germany, Kenya and Spain, attracted an amazing number of visitors with over 100,000 people voting online for one of the videos in three weeks. We are so impressed by their efforts we will send every member of every video team an exclusive goodie bag originally destined just for the winners.

All five teams competing in the video competition were selected by experienced Airbus Assessors from among many Round Two entries. The videos were chosen for their creativity, innovation and the team work demonstrated and even though voting is now over, we encourage you to take a look at the great work of these teams here.