Simon Weselby - Fuel and Emissions Performance Manager, Airbus Customer Services (SBO)

Simon’s long-time love of aviation is in part borne of his father’s occupation as an engineer at the local airport.  Simon’s own career started with an apprenticeship at BAE Systems.  After five years he became an Avionics Development Engineer and, later, an Avionics Research Engineer.  A company reorganisation led him to the world of technical publications and project management.  He went on to hold a number of roles in Customer Services, including marketing, aircraft reliability and maintenance cost analysis and programme management.He is now Fuel and Emissions Performance Manager.

As an A320 Family Programme Manager, Simon worked with Airbus experts in aerodynamics, engines, flight operations, aircraft maintenance and engineering to develop advice on how best to use and maintain Airbus aircraft. It recognised the importance of other stakeholders in the world of fuel efficiency – notably airport and air traffic control authorities – and now covers all Airbus aircraft programmes.

Expert’s advice 

Engineers love to make things better: go further, higher, faster, doing more with less.  But the potential for innovate ideas are not only in aircraft engineering.  Everyone is an innovator – you just need to recognise challenges and opportunities. 

Airbus has and will strive to provide airlines with the most economically efficient products possible; fuel efficiency is just part of the product’s overall economic efficiency.  Of course, air traffic management is not in the hands of the aircraft manufacturers or the airlines.  And commercial aviation’s use of kerosene as its principle source of power is likely to continue for many years to come.  But if everyone has an understanding of how they can improve fuel consumption we all have the opportunity to contribute to fuel efficiency.