Andy Williams - TP Leader. Long Term Air Transport Operations

Andy studied Aeronautics at the University of Bath, which included a year’s internship with British Airways. He joined Airbus on the DEG scheme in 1995 and quickly entered the Future Projects offices exploring a number of conceptual aircraft designs. He then moved to Aircraft Operability about 3 years ago to explore new ways to operate future air transport systems.

Expert’s advice 

In order to be an innovator you must be a great listener and observer; you must absorb the complexity of problems and then untangle them. Taking a birdseye view of the problem to be solved is essential, be patient and after all of this trust your gut instinct. 

When addressing the passenger experience challenge you must assess the impact of the existing transport systems and infrastructure i.e. airports, city transport links, aircraft effects and public perception.  When conceptualising ideas ask yourself “would I or would my friends travel this way?”

This scope for this challenge is large; so try to limit to a specific problem to help focus ideas, for example rapid loading and unloading of air cargo operations could be something to consider.  The past can often unlock the future, ideas proposed decades ago could be very valuable because either technology has caught up or conditions have changed.Last of all be motivated by your idea, keep communication simple and only use facts that are relevant. Be honest and trust your team mates.