Team Wings of Phoenix, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China

The Fly Your Ideas 2011 winning team for their suggestion of a ground-based wind power generation system derived from aircraft wakes.


Xianmei Wu (Eva)

I love aeronautics so Fly Your Ideas seemed like it was a perfect opportunity for me to both strengthen my English skills and gain a better understanding of the field I love.

My most memorable experience was when my teammates and I got to stand on the platform and present our project to Airbus' panel of experts. It was amazing. I felt so honored and proud.

I learned from this experience that someone who seizes an opportunity and gives it their all can achieve things they would never expect.

Taking part in Fly Your Ideas has helped me in other aspects of my career enormously. Firstly, I had the precious opportunity of having an internship at Airbus, which is extremely beneficial for future development. Secondly, the competition has enabled me to study for my master's degree in Transportation Engineering

Lijun Pan

Each member of the team was gifted in a different field. For example Xuesong Liu is an expert in 3D rendering and Eva speaks good English. The most memorable part of the competition for me was being able to visit Paris and show our presentation to so many important judges. And of course to have won!

The most enjoyable part of Fly Your Ideas was just before we made our presentation. My heart was racing away, but when we began I immediately felt better.

The hardest part of the competition for me was the English. In the Q&A we didn't understand what the Jury were saying very well; how I wished we could have had an interpreter! It taught me however how important English is a tool, especially on an international stage.

I found the entire experience to be very valuable. For example it has been useful in my studies, as my participation allowed me to be exempt from the entrance exam for graduate college. Also, the presentation before so many important judges has also made me a lot more confident.


Xinyuan Zheng

I decided to participate because I wanted to challenge myself and improve my abilities. We created our team from among five close friends who were all interested in the competition.

The experience of the whole process was very enjoyable as we really used our abilities and skills in all sorts of ways. That's where my greatest sense of achievement truly came from. There were times when we seemed to be faced with major problems, but somehow we always managed to solve them.

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