Team Msia on Mars, University Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology, Malaysia

The Fly Your Ideas 2011 finalist team, selected for their idea to use biodegradable materials from Kapok tree fibres for aircraft thermal and acoustic insulation blankets used for aircraft cabins.

Wan Nor Hami Bin Wan Isa

I really enjoyed the second round of the competition because we needed to produce a short video of our project. The most memorable experience for me was when we qualified for the final round and I visited Paris for the first time in my life.

The experience that I gained from Fly Your Ideas has been very useful for my studies as it has helped me a lot in terms of managing my final year project. I applied all the knowledge that I had gained from the competition to complete my research project.

For students taking part in this competition now I would say that this is a real chance to challenge yourself… and do something for the environment.

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