Team Ecolution, Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid, Spain

Team Ecolution were the Fly Your Ideas 2011 video prize winner for the effective and well-presented visual demonstration of the implementation of low-weight natural fibre composites in aircraft cargo containers. 


I was in my final year of Industrial Engineering when one of our teachers, who works at Airbus Getafe, told us about Fly Your Ideas. Some of my friends and I saw the FYI posters that were all around the university and we began to think about a project. I really enjoyed working with other people and being able to learn so much from them. 

My most memorable experience was editing our video during the last two days of the competition. The first day things went so wrong that we thought we wouldn't make it in time. But after more than 40 hours of almost continuous work the video was so well edited, we realized that we could win. 

The most challenging part was testing our design with the simulation software ANSYS. We had a lot of issues and the results were far from what we expected. Finally we found the problem, but this was tough. 

The most important thing that I learned is that if you believe that you can achieve a goal and you work hard for it, you will eventually achieve it. This same thinking helped me through many situations, such as my final year project and my degree exam. 

As for the future, I always wanted to work in something related to transport, especially railways, but for now my main objective is to get experience and keep on learning. 

What would I say to students taking part in Fly Your Ideas now? Don't think twice and participate! It will be a great experience for you, a chance to work with professionals and an opportunity to develop your teamwork skills. You'll enjoy it for sure!


I found out about Fly Your Ideas at university, while attending my last year of a five year degree in Industrial Engineering. All the members of my team were classmates and friends. We decided to participate all together as one team in order to have fun and test ourselves with new challenges. 

I enjoyed the excitement of passing the different phases and being able to get in touch with Airbus and experts in the field. 

The trip to Paris was my most memorable experience because we were able to meet the finalists, talk about our ideas, about our teams, meet the people we were writing e-mails to regarding the contest and of course going  to the Le Bourget International Airshow.

The most challenging part was deciding on the idea we were going to develop. We had lots of ideas since the very beginning and we thought they were all really good. Finally, we decided to commit to the idea that we thought had the most potential for development. 

The most unexpected thing that we learned was realizing that we didn't know so much about the field we were researching, in comparison to what we thought we knew. There are always so many things to learn from colleagues, professors and experts... Not only technical skills, but personal skills too.

After my participation in Fly Your Ideas I got a one-year internsup at Airbus Getafe in Spain. I enjoyed the experience so much that I am now preparing to start a Volunteer International Experience at Airbus Hamburg in Germany next year. This experience has opened more possibilities for my working life. Moreover, my team and I have developed our friendship and we all remember the best moments of the competition. 

Since Fly Your Ideas ended I now know I want to work in the aircraft industry. As an Industrial Engineer I would like to be involved in the manufacturing of the different airplanes, from the Single Aisle series to the new A350 XWB, and of course, the spectacular A380.

To students taking part in Fly Your Ideas now I would say that they should enjoy every moment with their teammates, both the good and the bad, because this is a once in a lifetime experience. It will improve your team working skills, the relationships and friendships with your team, which is really important. Furthermore, you will be able to meet lots of different people related to Airbus and the competition.