Team Solaire Voyager, the National University of Singapore

Team Solaire Voyager from the National University of Singapore claimed the runner-up prize in 2009 for their proposal to use solar cell technology integrating photovoltaic cells in aircraft to generate electricity. 


Chen Yahui

I thought that Fly Your Ideas would be a good opportunity to apply what I had learned and see how ideas can be achieved in real life. In my case, I didn't form a team within my university - as a single applicant, the organiser found me some teammates.

Above all, I learned that one idea alone may not be so brilliant, but a pool of ideas can lead to genius.

Fly Your Ideas is a good opportunity for students to broaden their minds and for interacting with others. In the future, my plan is to continue my research in Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs)

In this video Team Solaire Voyager explain their concept