Team Coz, the University of Queensland, Australia

Multinational team CoZ from the University of Queensland, Australia, was awarded the winning prize in June 2009. Their project focused on the use of a pioneering natural fibre composite made from castor plants for use in aircraft cabins.

Alex Ching-Tai NG

The thing I enjoyed the most was working with my team to develop something from scratch, and seeing our idea become a real product, with potential to be applied to the industry.

After we identified our project, the timing was the first challenge as we needed to complete the project in a short time frame, which included sourcing the Castor plant, harvesting the plants, turning the plant into fibre, manufacturing the bio-based fibre composite panels and then finally testing their engineering properties!

Our idea became an on-going project between the university and Airbus.

My advice for students taking part in Fly Your Ideas would be not to underestimate yourself. If you have a great idea, you can make it a reality through the competition. The engineers at Airbus are good at identifying the best ideas and the mentoring staff are there to help you