Denis Descheemaeker - Working within the System Design Office for multi-system Operations & Strategy

Denis' career with Airbus began in 1996, where he worked in an avionic repair station in Singapore gaining hands on experience of maintaining aircraft. After which, he joined the Design Office to work on the A380 Program system development. He is now dealing with NEO and other multi - system developments. He was an Assessor in Fly Your Ideas 2011, and an is an active supporter of Fly Your Ideas 2013.

What are the most important factors that students should think about when developing their ideas?

"Students should try to develop innovative ideas, think out of the box, and make it simple - as well as be aware of the current state of the art, and research perspectives".

What makes a great idea stand out from the crowd? 

"I would encourage them to find ways to make a new technology adaptable to an aircraft - or to adapt current technology in a smarter way. Importantly, they also need to take into consideration the usual aeronautical constraints (safety,certification, airport, ...)

What should students NOT do when developing their ideas?

"Students should be careful not to propose ideas that are too 'science fiction'. They must avoid being too vague or too general - they should try to be specific in their ideas. Any lack of knowledge should be compensated by comprehensive external references. This is not a writing contest, so students should use simple sentences, simple words, in every-day English. 

Is there any additional advice that you would give to students, to help them develop new and innovative ideas?

"I would just say the original, be curious, simple, clear".