Mary Frost - Senior Expert, Fuel & Inerting Systems

A graduate in Physics with Electronics, and a chartered electronics engineer, Mary has worked in a variety of roles since joining Airbus in 2004. She is currently responsible for defining future fuel systems R&T strategy, working with industry committees to investigate the impact of sustainable and alternate fuels on aircraft fuel systems. Mary has supported Fly Your Ideas as an Assessor since 2009, and is therefore well qualified to offer some guidance to participating students!


What are the most important factors that students should think about when developing their ideas?

"Students should focus on how innovative their idea is, and what problem it is addressing. They need to try to understand what the real issues are with the operation of an aircraft and where a novel idea can provide a good solution".

What makes a great idea stand out from the crowd?

"The thoroughness of the research and the clarity of the way it is presented, as well as how novel the idea is. They should demonstrate that they have truly thought about the impacts and practicality of their idea. They also need to make sure the idea is novel, and not just something that already exists".

What should students NOT do when developing their ideas?

"Don't just copy existing ideas which can be found from internet research. They should also not provide a marketing proposal to sell an existing idea, product or service, no matter how appropriate they feel it might be to the competition".

Is there any additional advice that you would give to students, to help them develop new and innovative ideas? 

"Participants need to research thoroughly what is already available in the topic area and look for truly novel advances on the state of the art".