Airbus promotes the Fly Your Ideas challenge during World Engineering Education Forum to inspire talent

Airbus, the leading aircraft manufacturer presents Fly Your Ideas 2013 challenge (FYI) at the Second World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF) taking place in Buenos Aires between October 15-18.  WEEF brings together the most important international organizations in engineering education. Airbus is to highlights its FYI 2013 challenge in a workshop for more than 100 international students, as well as a technical presentation for the academic delegates. The third edition of Fly Your Ideas launched in June 2012, challenges students to develop new ideas for a more sustainable aviation industry.

Team Condor, the Fly Your Ideas 2011 Finalist from Chile’s Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, are taking part in the Airbus workshop and technical presentation to illustrate their project on alternative design for an aerodynamic speed brake that would recover energy for on-board reuse. The students will also showcase their soon-to-be-published book about their FYI experience, Cuatro Miradas Para Una Misma Aventura (Four Perspectives for the Same Adventure).

“The WEEF provides the perfect venue for Airbus to interact with new talent and share our vision for more sustainable aviation while inspiring students to pursue a future in our industry,” said Rachel Schroeder, Head of Employment Marketing for Airbus. “Team Condor exemplifies the next generation of aviation innovators and we hope their presence at WEEF inspires a new wave of Fly Your Ideas participants from Latin America and abroad.”

Global enthusiasm for Fly Your Ideas continues to grow, with over 200 teams from 70 countries already registered to participate in the 2013 edition of the competition. In Latin America, 30 teams have already registered, but many more are expected. In 2011, 47 teams from Latin America participated in the first round of the competition, with submissions coming from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and Peru. Teams hoping to make it to the next stage should submit their project via by November 30, 2012.

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